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Save the Earth

World Wide Change

Welcome to Save the Earth, a eco-friendly blog that promotes environmental awareness in youth today. Go put on your best exploring outfit and ignite the inner adventurer inside of us all. It is time to focus your attention on giving back to the very Earth that gives us life, time to make sure future generations get to experience the vast beauty we see on an everyday basis. It is time for world wide change

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Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020! Today is the 50th anniversary of this incredible day. Although the current state of our lives may not be the best...


Honestly, I know what you’re thinking, Madagascar? Why would you be writing about a movie with a group of unlikely animal friends getting...

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is renowned as the largest coral reef system in the world, being roughly the distance between New York and Texas....

The Ocean

It’s a no brainer that water makes up a majority of life on Earth, whether it be due to 70% of the Earth’s surface being made up of water...

For Animal Lovers

I myself am obsessed with animals and I can never get enough of them! I personally don’t care about the species, if it’s a living being,...

Local Produce

One key step in living an eco-friendly life is watching your footprint you leave throughout your day. I personally love the idea of...

Additional Resources

Below are a few miscellaneous resources that you may find useful to your everyday life. From the recycling plant for Las Vegas, to...

Get Out, Get Active

Today is always a great day to start exploring Las Vegas and all of its natural beauty. You read right, Las Vegas may be known for its...

Latest Find Part 2

If you’re not a fan of science entirely I recently found a cool thrift store that has some great finds. Reusing good from thrift stores...

My Recent Discovery

If you’re anything like me you love finding out new and interesting things, so for all you information lovers here’s something fairly...

Your Everyday Impact

As a young person in today’s society it is very easy to feel as if you have no possibility to be impactful, but the opposite is actually...

Activism Matters

We have all seen pictures or videos of protestors standing up for a cause and we may have thought that it was cool, but was it cool...

Eco-Friendly Buying Power

As a Girl Scout one of my most memorable badges I remember doing is Buying Power, with it us girls looked at the power of our dollar....

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